About the Journal

Jurnal ELTEK is a media published by the State Polytechnic of Malang as a means of dissemination and publication of research articles and conceptual articles by researchers, academics, practitioners and industry in the field of Electrical Engineering. Articles submitted for publication in the Jurnal ELTEK are original manuscripts and have never been published in writing in a magazine or scientific journal anywhere. The Jurnal ELTEK contains research and conceptual articles within the scope of the field of Electrical Engineering which includes: Electricity, Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering , Telecommunications Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Operation Systems, Data Management and Information Systems, and others. Jurnal ELTEK is published twice a year each in April and October. Editors invite writers and researchers to contribute research articles or conceptual articles to the ELTEK Journal Editor. The editor determines whether an article will be published or not and has the right to change or correct the text as long as it does not interfere with the intent or content. Unpublished manuscripts will not be returned to the author

Jurnal ELTEK with register number ISSN 1693-4024 (Print) ISSN 2355-0740 (Online - Electronic) has been indexed at:

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