Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The following are instructions for writing a manuscript in the Jurnal ELTEK published by the State Polytechnic of Malang. All manuscripts submitted to the Jurnal ELTEK must be original work, which has never been published previously. Journal manuscript writing guidelines can be downloaded at Journal Template.


The title of the article is written in sentence case format and consists of a maximum of 15 words (Center, Bold, 16pt)

Given Name Surname 1, Given Name Surname 2

email:, email2@
1,2 Department Name, Institution, Country

The title must be clear, straightforward, brief and informative that represents the content of the manuscript, the font size 16pt, bold and sentense case. The author's name is written without an academic title.


The abstract must be informative and fully clear, provide a clear statement of the problem, the proposed method or solution, and show the main findings and conclusions. The abstract is written in one paragraph, uses proper English, and consists of 100 to 200 words. The use of abbreviations and citations of literature are not allowed in abstract writing. The keyword list is used by indexing and abstract services to classify this article, so using the right keywords can make it easier for potential readers to find this article. 


Keywords consists of 3 to 5 words and arranged in alphabetical order.

Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts are written with the following structure:

  1. INTRODUCTION (the research background, a brief literature review, the aims and objectives of the research, state of the art, gap analysis and novelty. Avoid discussing general literature reviews and definitions)
  2. METHOD (includes research design, system design, analysis, architecture, methods used to solve problems)
  3. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (facts and data from research results)
  4. CONCLUSION (answer the research objectives)
  7. AUTHORS' BIOGRAPHY (Optional)

 Manuscript Length & Page Specifications

The size of paper must be in accordance with page size A4 with 6 - 8 pages in length. Writing articles should be in the form of one column. The margins set as follows: Top and Left 25 mm, Bottom and Right 20 mm. Paragraphs must be regular. All paragraphs must be right and left aligned (justify alignment), single spacing.

Manuscript Layout

An easy way to create layouts is to use templates directly. Basically, it is recommended not to use numbering (1, 2, 3, a, b, c etc.) in the discussion of the text, change it into a sentence form. Avoid blank pages.


Table must be centered. The table caption is written above the table in a center justified position, no bold or colored print. The font used is 10pt in size for both table titles and table contents. Tables must be referenced in the text.


Figure must be centered. A figure caption is centered under the figure. Figure caption must be in 10 pt regular font. Figure must be referenced in the text.


Formulas are written clearly using equations. Equation numbers are written right-aligned with Arabic numerals in parentheses. The explanation of formula variables is written in the form of a paragraph description, not a list item.

Program Listing

Listing programs and algorithms are written using the Lucida Console (8pt) font with a fixed width.


The conclusion contains the facts obtained, answering the problem or research objectives (do not be a discussion again). If necessary, provide suggestions for further research. Writing conclusions in sentences in the form of paragraphs, not in the form of numbering.

Acknowledgements (Optional)

This section (Optional) gives appreciation to individuals and organizations (e.g. sponsorship or financial support) that provide assistance to the author.


The minimum number of references used is 15, with a minimum of 80% of the total literature coming from main references, namely from the latest and most trusted scientific journals and proceedings, with a publication year no more than 10 (ten) years from the year this article was written. All sources cited in the article must be listed in the bibliography. Conversely, references written in the bibliography must be cited in the article. Citation managers such as Mendeley and EndNote should be used in writing this article. IEEE style is used to write the reference list.

Biography (Optional)

Briefly introduce each author and formal photos.

All submitted articles must appropriate with these guidelines. Articles that do not appropriate with the guidelines will not be considered for publication.